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Spil Games – Unsung Heroes Semifinalist

Ikue is a fun and challenging tile-puzzle for those who like having a little mind bender in their daily game routine. Ikue is a real brainteaser and challenges your perception in a new way.

The puzzles are not unlike the classic Tangram but the forms are unique and are based on a design by industrial designer Kristján Sætran Bjarnason who designed the puzzle as a board game challenge. The design of the game is calming and beautiful and has gotten universal praise.

Ikue is the ideal pick up and play game and can be enjoyed at the doctors office, on the bus in the sofa at home.

The game includes is free and includes story mode with 50 levels as well as a starter pack with additional 50 levels. Those thirsty for more can buy 4 additional level packs of different challenge levels with 100 levels each for a total of 500 levels.

Ikue Features

  • 50 Story Levels
  • 50 Starter pack levels
  • 400 IAP levels of varying difficulty
  • 10 Unique tile types
  • Mind bending puzzles and shapes
  • Calming music

Ikue Master Your mind